Greco Green Energy Co., Ltd

Greco Solar is a global leading developer and supplier of photovoltaic solar panels, balance of systems components, and off-grid solar power systems with a strong track record in solar photovoltaic industry. With head office in Hong Kong, we have built several solar energy manufacturing bases and R&D facilities in China.

Our reliable and cost competitive solar power products help people and business around the world cut their electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint by changing energy supply to clean and renewable solar energy.

We are your professional supplier of photovoltaic solar panels monocrystalline and polycrystalline for homes, businesses and utility power plants for both on-grid and off-grid system solutions. In addition to our standard solar panels and components, we also stock and offer some of the world top name photovoltaic products and deliver them worldwide wherever you are.

Along with the rapid development of global photovoltaic industry, we constantly strive to develop innovative solar powered application products for consumer and commercial sectors including portable solar power system kits, integrated (all-in-one) solar powered street lights, integrated solar garden lights and solar powered water pumps.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and our persistent innovation in PV technology, which ensure that we can always deliver high quality products and systems whilst stay cost competitive to our valued customers around the world.